What is the Virtual Reality Headset?


This is the question that many may be doing. And here's a simple answer:
It is a virtual reality device that simulates immersion in a real environment, with panoramic, horizontal, vertical view and freedom of 360 degrees.
By wearing the glasses, the individual has the visual sensation of being in the situations that are presented to him. So what are the possible uses?
You can use it to enter the computer gaming scene, observe all the details of a condo plan to be released next year, see the inside of a car that has not been manufactured,ride on a roller coaster or travel through space; the possibilities are endless. All this with precision of details, rich lighting and sound quality.

Marketed services

Experienciando ambientes

Experiencing Environments

Product made for the real estate industry (builders and developers and architectural firms). We develop 3D environments such as homes, apartments, condos, buildings, etc., so that the viewer can experience architectural projects that will be launched. It is a powerful tool that ensures confidence and satisfaction in the purchase of real estate.

Simuladores e Cenografia Virtual

Virtual Scenography and Simulators

We create simulators with physical response and response to viewer's command. Developed highly realistic scenarios for games, videos and entertainment. The viewer experiences audio visual content for all the presented situations. The glasses and headphones are integrated and wearing it, immerses the viewer in a virtual world entirely pre-developed by the Estudio Eter team. Examples of this product are piloting a virtual car, walking through a fantastic world, land a lunar module.

Advergames e Maquete Interativa

Advergames and Interactive Mockup

Can you imagine a three-dimensional, interactive infographic? You can approach the area of interest and observe the mechanics of the product in action! Or identify and describe important aspects of a project. Developed 3D gaming environments with your logo, where you can expose your product playful and realistic, creating interactivity between viewers and logo / product. The great success of this product is granted due to the increase of the "awareness" of the brand, ie, perception and brand awareness.

About Estudio Eter

Located in the financial heart of Sao Paulo, the Estudio Eter works on the threshold between the real and virtual. graphic arts of the highest quality to clients from all over the world are developed. The scope of services is directed to the real estate industry (builders and developers), automotive, architecture offices and production designers. Facilities include computer graphics solutions for the presentation of projects and products with hyper-realistic 3D images, videos, 3d models, virtual reality, illustrated plans and 360 tours.

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